Counseling in Genderland: A Guide for You and Your Transgendered Client

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Counseling in Genderland
Counseling in Genderland

Titel Counseling in Genderland
A Guide for You and Your Transgendered Client
Forfatter Niela Miller
Forlag Different Path Press
Udgivet Juni 1996
Sprog Sprog
Antal sider 200
ISBN-10 0962626260
ISBN-13 978-0962626265

En glimrende begyndervejledning for terapeuter, der for f√łrste gang har en transk√łnnet klient. Bogen sp√¶nder vidt og er skrevet i et let l√¶seligt og forst√•eligt sprog.

Neila Miller har arbejdet med transk√łnnede personer i halvdelen af sin 28 √•r som humanistisk r√•dgiver/p√¶dagog.

Part I – Engaging with the Gender-exploring Client
Beginnings – phone styles / the first session: completing the contract / gathering in formation / involving the partner / the couples contract / commitment / setting goals / clarifying who is responsible / overdependence / overindependence / saying goodbye
Understanding the Client’s Agenda – initial motivation / the presenting problem / is transition the answer / summary
Stages of Development – the crossdresser / signs of integration / summary of typical stages for crossdressers / the transsexual
Contributing Factors
Problem Areas – unhealthy and destructive patterns / learning to cope / facing loss and grief
Part II – The Counselor’s Process: Know Thyself, Know Thy Client
The Counselor Prepares – the centered counselor / bodymind awareness / no one right way / dealing with feelings / achieving balance / avoiding the rescue trap / the ebb and flow on contact / self-reflection for the counselor
Client Patterns
The Counselor’s Toolkit: Sensory and Experiential Processes – visual information (imagery, visual metaphor, dreams, fantasy) / auditory information / body signals / tactile information / role playing
Group Work
Part III – Relationships
Family Background
The Communication Process
Addressing Gender Issues
Coming Out of the Closet – telling the partner / telling the children / telling parents / telling other family / telling friends / telling an employer / my bias to tell
Sexual Mythology
Rights and Responsibilities of Each Partner
Risk Taking
Guidelines for Couples – ten steps to working it out / example of a positive interaction / guidelines for spouses or crossdressers / a final word
Part IV – Personal Histories
A crossdressing husband and wife / Jamie: transsexual / Stephanie: transsexual
Part V – Future Trends

* * *
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